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On-Farm Services
  A nice compliment to all that's offered at ERC is the ability to extend many services to-the-farm. We have custom designed the inside of our company vehicle to incorporate a complete semen evaluation station which includes an incubator, heated microscope, sperm counter, artificial vagina and all other materials needed to adequately collect and evaluate semen. By simply plugging into an outlet at the farm, the station is ready for use. Semen collection and processing can easily be done whether it's for immediate insemination, as part of a stallion reproductive evaluation or in preparation for an equitainer in the cooled, transported semen program.

  The minivan is also well-equipped with those materials needed for mare services.A portable ultrasound machine is in place to help with anything from mare reproductive evaluations to routine exams for follicle assessment or pregnancy detection. Also included are all essential items to deal with problem mares such as equipment for uterine infusions and lavages, cultures and cytologies, and antibiotic therapy. Although the vehicle is designed for reproductive care, materials and pharmaceutical supplies are also on board to help with any general medicine or emergency case that one of the ERC-affiliated veterinarians are presented with. In essence, this is a way of bringing quality service to your farm.

Inside Mini-Van
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