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Affiliate Embryo Recovery Program
  This program is designed to establish a network of skilled veterinarians that perform embryo recovery procedures. Affiliated veterinarians will recover and process embryos for shipment to ERC. Embryos received will be transferred into one of the recipients from the in-house herd. The network will serve as a referral base for interested mare owners across the United States.

Affiliate Program

Why enter the Affiliated Embryo Transfer Program?

      button  Establish another service for your practice

      button  Offer embryo transfer without the hassles of recipient
     management and care

      button  Work with an experienced embryo transfer facility

      button  Incentive Plan - Rebates for involvement

      For more information on the Affiliated Embryo Recovery Program,     contact us via email
   or telephone (540) 937-9832.

   A packet will be sent to you right away.

  For those veterinarians needing more experience with embryo recovery and handling, see our minicourse information on “Embryo Recovery and Transfer in the Mare”.

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